Realtime Telemedicine

Med-RT provides managed telemedicine services to rural, urban, and teaching hospitals, as well as community clinics and other healthcare facilities. We offer a number of configurable managed service plans to fit your needs, whether you are deploying a new telemedicine system, expanding an existing system, or simply trying to maintain your existing infrastructure. Our services reduce the cost, accelerate deployment, and alleviate the need for specialized technical internal resources required to deploy successful, sustainable, telemedicine programs. This includes support for interpretive services, specialist clinical consults, and on-demand education. Our private, secure, services can also allow any telemedicine site to bridge to any other telemedicine site – addressing access, quality of service, authentication, and bridging of technologies. Further, by selecting a plan that utilizes, or integrates to, our Network Infrastructure you can take advantage of our unique, patent-pending, Telemedicine Peering Services for interpretation or specialist consultation. Integrated, automatic resource identification allows, for example, a specialist with the right skills and credentials and/or an interpreter speaking the appropriate language to be available at the right time for the patient. Traditional telemedicine is based on older technologies and many of the solutions have focused simply on attempting to connect a room in one facility with another room somewhere else. Med-RT instead allows delivery of quality healthcare to a patient, regardless of location of either the patient or the doctor, language, or specialist skill-set. We are “breaking down the barriers to telemedicine” TM not only for individual [telemedicine] networks but between networks. Now, for example, a teaching hospital offering specialist consulting services can offer those services to a rural facility that is not part of their own direct network.

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